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Crystal Drop S.S. Water Filter


Drinking water is of vital importance to our everyday living - ensure that the water you are drinking is free from chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, microorganisms and other contaminants. Invest in a water filter you can trust.

Each of our 'Crystal Drop' water filters are crafted from the highest quality of food grade stainless steel finished with a lustrous shine.

Quality controlled and individually quality checked, 'Crystal Drop' Water Filter does not cut corners with the quality of their finished product. The years of expertise will allow you to trust us with our high caliber products.

Purity of drinking water certainly tells upon the health of your family. Ordinary filters are not at all effective because they can not screen minute dirt and germs.

Boiling just kills germs but has no effect on the spores the resting stage of bacteria, since most of these spores remain unaffected even by boiling at 100°C for one and half hours. As the water cools, 'Crystal Drop' Filter become active again often with increased vitality.

'Crystal Drop' Water Filter gives you the solution for better health and hygiene. It gives you clean, pure & safe drinking water at the Wonder turn of a Tap, it helps protecting your family from water-borne disease.

The S.S. Container consists of upper and lower chambers made of Non-Magnetic stainless steel.

The 'Crystal Drop' Ceramic Candle filter's Activated Carbon Granular & Silver Particles kills all the germs and spores & allowing pure, Crystal clear water. Drops to be collect in the lower chamber of the container.

Material used for S.S. container:
Food Graded S.S. 304 & S.S. 202
These are the most widely used of the stainless steels. Offers good corrosion resistance to many environments has good formability and can be readily welded.

Better corrosion resistance as well as higher strength at elevated temperatures than other Stainless Steel materials. Often used for cooking ware, surgical tools and marine applications as most popular of stainless steels.

Material composition of Stainless Steel

S.S. 202 304
Carbon 0.12 0.08
Manganese 5.5/7.5 2
Silicone 0.9 1
Chromium 16/18 18/20
Nickel 0.5/4.0 8.0/12
Molybdenum 0.2  
Phosphorus 0.06 0.045
Nitrogen 0.25  
Sulphur   0.03
Tensile Strength 105 85
2% Yield Strength 55 35
Elongation in 2' 55 55
Rockwell 90 80
Brinell 185 150

Advantages of Crystal Drop S.S. Water Filter:

  1. Just pour water straight from the top in to the upper chamber.
  2. The laboratory tested candle filters all germs, bacteria and impurities out of the water.
  3. The Stainless steel containers resist chemical reaction and non corrosive and scratch proof, light and unbreakable.
  4. Safe pure water collect in the lower chamber ready to drink crystal pure & safe water.
  5. Easily Movable, Light Weight & works without electricity.

Capacity range of Crystal Drop S.S. Water Filter

Capacity of Water Filter Candle Filter Nos.

10 Liters

1 Low height Candle - 5 inch
18 Liters 2 regular Candle - 7 inch
21 Liters 2 regular Candle - 7 inch
24 Liters 3 regular Candle - 7 inch
27 Liters 3 regular Candle - 7 inch
34 Liters 4 regular Candle - 7 inch
40 Liters

4 regular Candle - 7 inch

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